We serve members of the film and acting community, whether they be SAG and Union affiliated or not. We make sure to connect acting talent to productions that need them. Our hopes are to make acting careers come to life and to fulfill the vision of producers through our services. We are the fastest growing casting agency in Chicago and once you've seen our work, you'll know why. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.


Services for the acting Community

Because of our long and strong relationship with many of those in the film production industry, we are able to secure great parts for many of those that either are already in the acting community, or are trying to break into the acting community. We urge those that are interested to join our growing network of actors and actresses to join us on social media as well as. 

Services for Producers

We understand the importance of bringing your production to life. That means finding just the right actors and actresses that can breathe life into the roles. Whether it be a major movie production, music video, short film or commercial, we have seen and done it all. Our expansive and diverse pool of talent means that you will likely have access to a large pool of talent for every production.

How to apply for a part

Applying to parts is as simple as owning a smartphone. Whenever a new part is made available, we will alert you via e-mail, provided you sign up for our list located in the footer of this site, as well as on our contact page. Whenever a new casting is made available, go ahead and search for the role you want in our casting section. You will then fill out the appropriate information in our submission form, upload a head shot and body shot and submit. It's just that east, but remember, you can't get a part you never apply for.