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Project: Lila Drew Music Video

We are looking for a young female identifying person to play the lead role in Weird Life Film’s latest music video. Experience/comfort in dance/body movement is a must (no specific dance genre). Actress should be 18+ with an on screen aged 15-20 years old. A self-taped audition will be required to book this role.

Synopsis: We follow a young teen girl through a small, sleepy town during a particularly quiet night. She wanders through backyards and down empty main roads, but is seemingly the only person around. She keeps finding TV screens in all sorts of settings, from bars to empty living rooms, all with the same video on.

To apply, please fill out form below. If it doesn’t work, then please send contact information along with a head shot and body shot to: info@waywardcasting.com . We will contact you if you are considered for the part.