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 We are now casting the lead role for a proof of concept of the feature film BINX. Candidates must be willing to audition in person or provide video audition for consideration. Filming will take place in February and there will be four days of shooting.

“In a world where people with special abilities are surfacing in the metropolitan underground, Bianca (aka Binx) uses her special gift of supernatural detection to track down and deliver unique individuals to an evil mastermind without knowing the full context of what she does after delivery.”


Bianca (aka Binx) is determined, headstrong, and a powerful female lead character. She is 26 years old with a medium build (Hispanic preferred). She is a provider and a lone-wolf; her independent nature almost gives her a “fuck-it” attitude with a lot of her actions. With her struggling family and lack of capable parental figures, she is left to provide and fill in the gaps. Her only soft spot in life seems to be her brother younger  Gabe, who she seemingly would do anything to protect. Yet, her troubled upbringing did not prepare her for ‘traditional’ modes of support, rather she tends to take matters into her own hands with most of her dealings. Her judgement is the best judgement 99% of the time. She won’t take shit from anyone. She’s a fighter, and has trained herself to take a hit, dish one back out, and never let someone keep her down.

To apply, please fill out form below, if for some reason it does not work, please send the information requested below to: